23 janvier 2015


Some glorious things are simple things. People drive for miles to see a mountain. Others make trips to pull over and look at an acre of wild flowers. I can still have my breath taken away by a sunset. And certain words in certain patterns speak to your soul. Let's not complicate things. Let's not look for the summing up of things. Let's just feel the thing and honor it. Marilyn [Monroe] was a field of wild flowers, a gamboling puppy in the back yard, a pink sunset in June. She was glorious, and we had to look. Is that talent? I don't care. It was magical. And then it was gone. Is there a moral? Yes. Everything ends.

Telephone Interview with Marlon Brando
Conducted by James Grissom in 1990
From the blog "Follies of God"

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  1. Brando parlait des gens de façon crue et surtout naturelle. Il parlait franchement tout simplement. La tendresse qu'il éprouvait envers Marilyn est toujours très palpable. Elle semble avoir été son égale. Je suis contente qu'il se soit rencontré. Ce sont pour moi deux étoiles jumelles.
    Paradise Hunter